My initial thoughts on iZotope Iris 2 and update on site’s future

Posted: November 29, 2014 in Music
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First little lesson on how internet works. You can put anything to internet, but people don’t find it until they see link to it. Search engines are one way to find those links. When you create new site, it takes some time until you site is shown on search results. When it starts to show it won’t show very high. If you have site that has reputation on search engines, you probably should use it somehow even if your new content is on new site.

For this reason I start to publish links to my new blog posts here. Latest music related post is My initial thoughts on iZotope Iris 2. iZotope Iris 2 was just released and had to get one. Post is written based on promotional material and short test. I try to make review after I have used it more.

On not updating this in future. That plan has changed even more than publishing links to my posts on my personal site. I might be posting here something that is not suitable for my personal site like comments to music related videos. I don’t know when that happen, but it is option at the moment.


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