Update on everything

Posted: November 25, 2014 in Uncategorized

As you have probably seen, I haven’t updated this blog for a while. After this post updates might become more rare. I haven’t had anything to write here because I haven’t done anything music related. That is main reason for no updates. The reason will change from now on.

I have been updating my online presence for over a month now.  I have put more effort on my movie review blog Kvesti on Movies and Stuff. I also have YouTube channel with same name. Along totally changing my Kvesti on Movies and Stuff I have made new web site www.kvesti.com.  I try to concentrate my online activity there. Kvesti on Movies and Stuff will remain separate, but everything else will be on kvesti.com. Which means that posts I would have posted here will go there from now on.

And there is a catch. Because it is on web site platform rather than blogging platform, I don’t know how you can follow me. I don’t know if there is rss feed or something similar. I haven’t found one yet. I will share every post there on twitter. There is no plan to suddenly become much more active. Probably couple posts and then continue with same pace I had here.

I will leave this site as it is. I won’t copy these posts to new site. Everything there will be new.



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