Madrona Labs Kaivo

Posted: March 9, 2014 in Confessions of gear slut, Software
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I haven’t followed, what new synths are coming or anything else music related I could buy. That is why this blog has been quite silent lately. This synth was so interesting, I had to try demo. I have played with this for few hours. It is quite interesting software synth. It so harder to use than your regular software synths. I haven’t used modular synths, but I think they would feel like this.

You can get simple, but quite interesting sounds out of it. I was missing master volume and a compression, but you can get those from DAW. This is sound source to be used with effects from DAW. Modulation sources are quite limited. As they are in hardware synths. I haven’t got my head around all adjustments yet. I just try different things until I get what I want.

Then to good points. Scalable interface is something I like to see more often. Synth sounds really unique. Physical modeling and 2d lfo makes synth sound like nothing else I have tried. Those give you movement to your sounds. Lack of modulation sources is not such big deal because of that. You can’t build as evolving sounds as some more sophisticated synths, but sounds this creates are interesting in different way. Big plus for using Finnish name. I don’t think this is from Finnish company, but Finnish name make me like this more.

Synth looks simple, but it has huge learning curve. Demo version seemed quite limited out-of-the box. You don’t get huge amount of patches. You need to build your own sounds. It is not simple at first. I think, once you learn to use it, it gives you amazing sounds. I could get quite interesting sounds during few hours I have played with it. This is nerdy synth. It is not fancy, but gives you something other synths don’t give.

I am not sure will I buy this. It gives interesting sounds, but those sounds don’t have much use for me. If physical modelling parts were in separate effect plugin, I would be really interested. Same, if this could take sound from other source and work as physical modelling effect plugin. I will keep demo on my computer and give it another try in future.


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