No new year resolutions, but…

Posted: January 7, 2014 in Confessions of gear slut
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I didn’t make any new year resolutions, but I think I have bought enough guitars and software synths. Only reason I will buy new guitar this year is Gibson’s 120 anniversary, which brings new special anniversary edition guitars. I have to have one with that anniversary logo on fretboard. Another reason why I want one of those guitars is maple necks. Some of those guitars have maple necks. That is not well advertised on Gibson site, but when you check specs from online stores, you find that information. Currently I am planning to buy Les Paul Studio or SG Special. Probably SG Special because I like SGs more than Les Pauls. All depends what they sound and feel like.

After buying Tone2 Nemesis, I started to think, if I need anymore software synths. I already have more than enough of those. That hasn’t stopped me trying couple new ones. Those have been interesting, but mostly they felt like I could do that same thing with synth I already own. I might try AIR Loom if there was demo, but without demo, AIR won’t get my money. I think I will not buy new software synths, if there won’t be anything that hasn’t been done before. Upgrades are different things. There are few synths I will upgrade when new version is released. Currently there are none of those announced, but year is long time and some of my favourite synths are so old, new versions are almost due.

Hardware synths are totally different thing. I might get one this year…


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