Why there won’t be Tone2 Nemesis tutorials on Youtube

Posted: December 30, 2013 in Confessions of gear slut, Music
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So I bought Tone2’s Nemesis. Like Saurus and RayBlaster, it has feeling of real instrument. It is hard to explain. All of those synths feel like real instruments. I am not sure, if it is latency or something else. It could be that, because Tone2 has kept their synths quite simple. These three at least. When I installed purchased version I realized, why no-one has made any tutorials. Purchased version got so much information in “watermark”, that no-one want to share it to internet.

I know it is for preventing piracy. I am ok, if they put your name to show, that they can track who has cracked and shared the software. That doesn’t prevent people from making reviews and tutorials to Youtube. But when you put email address, home street, postal code and things like that, you won’t get many people wanting to make tutorials. After this I will reconsider more buying anything from Tone2. It doesn’t matter, that I myself see that information, but that means no tutorials for synths. To be honest, Tone2’s other synths doesn’t have too much tutorials either. This makes sure, there won’t be any more in future.


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