After testing Nemesis couple times, I get frustrated with same problems I have with RayBlaster. I don’t know how to change sounds the way I want. Both synths sound good, but it is hard to modify sounds, because you don’t know, how to get what you want. It doesn’t make it any easier, that there are not any tutorials available on Youtube. For RayBlaster Tone2 made feature overview, which explained briefly what everything does. For Nemesis there is nothing like that. Camel Audio has made two hours of tutorials for Alchemy. Watching those will give you good start even if you are not familiar with synths.

Nemesis and RayBlaster try to invent synths again. They don’t work as other synth do. It is good that someone tries to do something new. But you can’t do that without instructing users, how to use new kind of synths. Nemesis has filter knobs that doesn’t work like filters does in other synths. Some knobs doesn’t seem to change sound after certain point and some doesn’t change sound real time, sound changed after you play another note. I don’t know, how much of this is demo limitation and how much of it come from not knowing how to use the synth. I understand time limits and not being able to save sounds on demo mode, but I expect it to work like real one, if I try to figure out should I buy it or not.

There is manual that explains many of thing I have had problems. But even after reading manual, my knowledge is not what it needs to be to really get sounds I want to. This applies to both Nemesis and RayBlaster. I bought RayBlaster, because it sounded amazing. Nemesis doesn’t sound amazing. It sounds good. Comparing it to Native Instrument’s FM8, it doesn’t sound that much better and I think I like sound of FM8 more. I might like Nemesis more, if I knew how it worked. Now it doesn’t always do what I expect it to do. I haven’t given up on Nemesis yet. I just need to see some tutorials, before I can make up my mind. That will probably mean that I miss Tone2’s offer for their older customers, which lasts till end of this year.


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