I bought Native Instrument Monark from their Thanksgiving sale. Installing the thing was pretty hard. I don’t know why it came as ISO file that didn’t work extracted. I had to use Virtual Clonedrive before I managed to install the thing. That is big minus for Native Instruments. This is first time I had to do anything like this to install something. I doesn’t make any sense. Was that experiment or are they releasing their future software like that?

After I finally managed to install Monark, it turned out to be quite fun. It is digital recreation of analog synth and that is problematic. U-He Diva recreates parts of old analog synths but adds some extra control. Monark does digital version of old analog synth. Monark was so cheap that I wanted to give it a try even when I have Diva. Diva will probably be my main synth when I want something analog sounding. It has polyphony and it sounds so good. But Monark is not useless for me. It can give weird analog sounds and it feels more like real hardware synth. Diva sounds beautiful almost all the time, but sometimes there is need for something that doesn’t so beautiful and that is where Monark is most suitable for me. I would have liked more modulations and polyphony. Now controls are quite limited. Only what original analog synth had plus some little parameters under the hood. But nothing as extensive as Diva or Tone2 Saurus have.

Saurus still stays on my shopping list. I played with Diva, Monark and Saurus. I tried to figure out where I would need each of them. Saurus was earlier suitable for ugly territory, but now Monark is better for that. Saurus still has polyphony and better modulations. Have to play more with them to know if I should keep Saurus on my shopping list or not. I will probably buy Tone2 Nemesis before Saurus. I have demo version of it on my laptop. I haven’t really tried it yet because this time NI’s sale was ending and I still have almost month to figure out, if I buy Nemesis. After that I miss some extra sounds for it. Nemesis sounded good on first short try, but I need to play more with it to find if I really have any use for it. I already have Absynth and FM8, which can do similar sounds and I have more synths than I have time to learn.


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