There were two interesting release of specifications yesterday. Spitfire HZ01 is no compromises drum library. Prize will be for first two weeks £299 and after that £399. I could live with first price, but I can’t live over 200 GB library size. If I understood it correctly that will be size it takes from hard drive. And this will just be first of three Hans Zimmer libraries.  No doubt it will be Spitfire fire quality and probably one of best drum libraries there are, but that is not currently suitable for me.

Electron released specification for their new analog synth Analog Keys. It is keyboard version of Analog Four with few upgrades. Most important for me for me is four note polyphony. Analog Four was like dream analog synth without polyphony. Other important upgrade is more space for sounds. I have wanted to buy analog synth for some time. I haven’t made any plans yet, but next year could be right time for that. Currently I have thought about Dave Smith Instrument’s Mopho X4 and Prophet 12. Analog Keys is more expensive and probably better than Mopho X4. It is real analog synth unlike Prophet 12 and cheaper than it.


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