MTF Special: Jamie Cullum on The Seaboard

Posted: September 28, 2013 in Instruments, Music
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I am interested. But cheapest of those is two thousand dollars and it ships fall next year or spring, if you are big enough name. I don’t want to pay two thousand for experimental instrument, that may actually be unplayable, if you are not good enough.

I want to try out one before paying that much. It doesn’t say anything about aftertouch. Do they call it something else? Is continuous touch curve control different name for aftertouch? Polyfonic pitchbend is interesting, but can my software handle that? Is it only for Mac users?

In a year we might see something similar coming from different manufacturers. Idea is interesting, but I think this needs further development. Current version is lacking mod wheel and all knobs.

I hope this is successful because that means we could get something reasonable priced base on this idea in few years. But I can’t support this at this time.


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