Does it matter how you sound?

Posted: September 10, 2013 in Music
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Synthtopia had this post little while ago:

Conclusion of that study was that it doesn’t matted how you sound. How you look is more important. I won’t agree about that. To me that study shows how tv’s music competitions are more about look than music. I have grown listening metal music where looks doesn’t matter. Few years ago I started dancing salsa and listening salsa. In salsa how you look matters as little as in metal. In both style the music is most important thing. There are of course music styles where how you look matters much more than your music.

Last night I went to see Paradise Lost. they were mixed badly but looked like metal band should. They did all the right things that you expect metal band to do. But the show didn’t work because band was mixed so that you rarely heard guitars. Drums were loud, vocals and bass were almost too low. You could heard lead guitar when it played melody or solo. Almost all the other times it was barely audible. I don’t understand why band was mixed like that. There were times when band sounded like it should, but most time it didn’t. I don’t know is place is hard for mixer or does place have regular mixer who doesn’t like guitars. If it is latter, I don’t understand why he mixes metal bands. I have seems as badly mixed gigs before in that place and some gigs that have sounded good. I have seen both from Shining (SWE).

Back to topic. I didn’t enjoy Paradise Lost as much as I wanted because of the mix. I wish the whole gig was mixed like those few moments when you could hear everything. I remember few gigs I didn’t like because they were mixed so badly. I can’t remember if I have ever disliked the gig because of how artist looked. Of course if artist is totally wasted I probably would dislike the gig, but I thing the sound would be terrible too. Based on my experience I say that sound matter more than look. Best gigs have both.


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