Hesitation Marks – Audiophile or AudioFAIL ?

Posted: September 6, 2013 in Music
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This video combines two thing close to my heart, dynamic range and Nine Inch Nails. I had that dynamic range meter when I used 32 bit Live. When I changed to 64 bit, I had to drop that because there was no 64 bit version at the time. I don’t know if there is now.

I was about to by album from NIN.com where you get that audiophile version and cd version. I chose to by iTunes version instead because that had three remixes and over 40 minutes of Trent Reznor talking about album.

Like Ian in video, I don’t understand why there is cd version. Audiophile version should have been the only version. It sounded better in that video, but there was not a huge difference. My opinion is that album has problem with lack of dynamic range. Like with Metallica’s Death magnetic, I feel that it would be better if everything wasn’t as loud as possible.

After one listening it feels like worst Nine Inch Nails album (excluding remix albums). That doesn’t mean it is bad album. Just that everything he has released until this point has been better. This is like watered down version of How To Destroy Angels with little bit of old Nine Inch Nails. This comes from guy who has almost all albums Trent Reznor has released. Even those remix albums.


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