Miley Cyrus VMA performance

Posted: September 3, 2013 in Music, Uncategorized
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I am late on this one. I couldn’t care less about whole thing until one bad movie podcast talked about it. I had to watch it. It was hard to watch, because it was so awful. I kind of understand what she tried to do. I have seen that dozens of times much better done in dance shows. I mean dance shows I have seen in salsa shows, where salsa teachers show what they can do.

Miley Cyrus is light years behind them. She is not good enough dancer to make that work. Someone should have told her that. Her performance just looked awful. I don’t understand why it was so big deal. Everyone was talking about, how she went too far. No. She didn’t went too far. She was awful and that is why it looked so terrible. Skilled dancers can go much further and it still looks beautiful and sexy. Just search videos with reggaeton dance and you will understand what
I mean. There are other more sensual styles, but reggaeton is quite close what Miley Cyrus tried to do. What she did wasn’t close to that.


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