Spessujopo remix competition continues

Posted: August 31, 2013 in Music

Remix competition is still going on at http://www.basso.fi/spessujopo/. You have to be finn who lives in Finland to vote.

I listened few other remixes. There were quite a few that sounded professional. Then it hit me. Probably most remixes use sample libraries. Just pick ready drum track set it to right tempo. Then pick bass track from sample library and add horn riff from same or another library. Then add alternative versions of those and you got professional sounding remix. It sounds professional because instruments are played by professionals and recorded by professional. You don’t have to play anything. Just add the pieces and mix together. That would explain why there is so many remixes in competition.

I am not saying that everyone else has done this. I think majority of remixes are like this. It makes this competition quite stupid if one of those wins. I know hip hop has started with samples, but old hip hop had some edge and soul because they used sampled from other songs, not from sample libraries. Bands like Public Enemy lost their edge when they had to limit their sample usage. I don’t think using sample libraries wouldn’t be big issue if you wouldn’t  heard dozens of remixes of same song using generic sample libraries. There were interesting remixes too, but I got too tired of all generic sample library remixes and didn’t listen all remixes.

My remix is at bottom third of the list. I assume others have felt the same and didn’t get to my remix. I am bit surprised that it has been listened 44 times and even downloaded twice. I don’t know in which order remixes are. They seem to be in random order with friends’ remixes at top. I guess they didn’t expect competition to be this popular.  If they did, they would have divided remixes to different pages with easy way to check new remixes when they come. It would have been nice if you could have been able to listen remixes with original content  with out listening all the sample library miracles.

I don’t think I have any changes in this competition. I just hope remix with original content wins this competition instead of puzzle of generic samples.


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