Line6 POD HD500X

Posted: August 3, 2013 in Confessions of gear slut, Software
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I got one of these last monday. Still haven’t made any own sounds. Only used and tweaked presets. To my surprise I have played mostly with low gain presets. I normally use only high gain stuff. Only when I have had change to play with good tube amp, I have played with low gain settings. With this I find good low gain settings and then try them with different guitars. You hear guitar with this. Sometimes when you have digital multi-effects you don’t hear guitar that much. You get good sound, but changing guitar doesn’t change the sound that much. With this even tone knob has effect. I was kind of surprised how much I can change tone with tone knob.

I don’t think this got tube amps perfectly. But it gets it close enough. Your playing dynamics come through. I have POD X3 and Guitar Rig on computer. This nails playing dynamics better than those. You can get great sound out of all of them, but playing may not be as fun.

I definitely recommend checking this if you are looking for multi-effect or recording interface for your computer. Only thing I don’t like is that this doesn’t have power switch. You have to plug and unplug the cable.

I write more when I get more experience. POD X3 had great software for creating sounds. I assume this has something similar. I haven’t tried that yet. As I haven’t recorded anything yet.


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