Back to release version on Ableton Live

Posted: March 9, 2013 in Confessions of gear slut, Instruments, Software
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I don’t remember when I used released version of Ableton Live last time. It must have been long time ago. I got reminder of that when I started Live 9 and all settings were from last time I used released version. I have done some gear updates and  my template set was quite different. I don’t know why it got that from last release version which was uninstalled ages ago. With betas I always had latest settings. I was in prerelease beta of Live 9 and before that I used 64 bit beta version of Live 8. I could jump into public beta of Live 9 but I skip this time until they implement something I suggested during prerelease beta.

I preordered Push. My delivery time is 2-4 weeks if they don’t start to give those to somebodies before nobodies like me. I hope to get it before easter and my vacation. If you order it now delivery time is 16 weeks or more. Hype has worked. I am eager to get mine. I tried how playing instruments with pads worked on my Launchpad. It was quite fun. Launchpad lacks velocity and pressure sensitivity. With those it could be more fun. And with colored pads I could get something useful.

There is free MacPro Video course of what is new in Ableton Live 9 I have watched half of it and it was quite interesting. I will probably buy some of their Live 9 courses when they publish them. I have bought some of their courses and found them very useful.


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