Gibson Les Paul Standard and Studio Demos (2012)

Posted: February 21, 2013 in Confessions of gear slut, Instruments, Software
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These are last year models. I think this year have similar features. It was about time that Les Paul had coil split. And they did it better that I expected. I probably will buy one studio this year. Standard would be better but “price is too damn high”.

I don’t have any Les Pauls yet. They feel bit strange in my hand. Last time I went to buy one I took SG to test same time and walked away with SG. That time SG was in discount and felt little bit better. Les Paul sounded and felt good too.

Ableton Live 9 and Push will be released 5th of March and if I want promotional discound I need to buy them during first week. That would mean that I don’t have money to buy Les Paul now. 😦

I try to write something about Live 9 before release. I have been in beta since december. Both music clips I have uploaded to Soundcloud are done with Live 9. I didn’t use nothing Live stuff that wasn’t in Live 8. There are some really nice new stuff. But more about that in Live 9 post. If there I something you like to know about Live 9, please reply to this message. I answer what I know.


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