First impressions of U-he Zebra 2 and other stuff

Posted: January 24, 2013 in Confessions of gear slut, Instruments, Software
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I played little bit with U-he Diva. I think I have to buy it after all. It just sounds so amazing and I can’t get similar analog feel from my other plugins. Tone2 Saurus is not that much different from what I get from other synths and if I buy Diva I don’t have that much use for it. At least before I try it again and start to like its sound. Because Diva sounds so good and name Hans Zimmer was mentioned so many times with Zebra I had to give it a try too. Hans Zimmer is one of my favourite film composer and I have few of his film scores in my iTunes. On the other hand., Zebra 2 is in same territory as Alchemy and Absynth 5.

If I didn’t have A-synths Zebra 2 would be much more interesting. I like wave shaping abilities  of Zebra 2. In Absynth you can draw you waves but Zebra 2 does that better. In Alchemy you can’t do that. Zebra 2 also let you build your signal paths. It is easier to get nice sounds than in A-synths. Compared to A-synths it lacks sampling. Modulation is little bit harder than in A-synth and you probably can’t do all modulations you can do in A-synths. This might also be because I don’t know how to do that in Zebra 2.

Zebra 2 is surely fun and sounds good. I can easily see why someone like Hans Zimmer uses Zebra. Problem is that do I really need another synth in that territory. I can get good waveshaping cheaper from Curve 2 and there is possibility of Absynth 6 with better UI than Absynth 5. Absynth 6 don’t need any major new things. I would be happy with improved UI which would be as good as UI in Alchemy or Zebra 2. Anyway I have to wait until NAMM is over. Something interesting like this may come from there. Until then I can demo Zebra 2 and Diva little bit more.

EDIT: Before anyone says anything.  Absynth have better waveshaping functions, but I feel Zebra 2 is easier.


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