I have postponed buying Diva or Saurus. I might not buy either of them. I started to dig deeper on what I already have and checked what Ableton Live Suite have. I felt in love with Collision and Tension. Both try to model physical instrument so they are not virtual analog synths like Diva or Saurus. What they can do is amazing. Now I just need to find good tutorials. I haven’t found anything yet. Collision models percussive instruments and Tension model stringed instruments. I had over looked both of them since I am not fan on Analog. But both of these are from different planet. Both sound real enough if you can’t play modelled instrument and use can create instruments than doesn’t or even can’t exist in real world.

I mentioned Analog which is virtual analog synth of Ableton Live. I have found it too simple for my liking. I like other synths better. But that is about to change in Ableton Live 9 Suite ( https://www.ableton.com/en/live/new-in-9/ ). It has quite interesting Max for Live devices that will make Live instruments much more flexible than before. It has been flexible before, but Ableton Live 9 Suite give more modulation power that Absynth or Alchemy at the moment. Makes it hard to find reasons to buy plugin instruments. iZotope Iris don’t have problems with this because it is so different, but for more regular instruments it is hard to find reason to buy them after Ableton Live 9 Suite is released.

If anyone knows good Collision and Tension tutorials, please let me know about them.

EDIT: In Absynth and Alchemy you can draw your envelopes. Ableton Live 9 Suite seems to use ADSR envelopes. So A-synths still have little edge but not as much as before.


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