I have put Diva and Saurus against Absynth 5 and Alchemy. I have found new interesting thing from both A-synths. Diva and Saurus have more pleasant analog sound but A-synths are easier to use. If there is effect plugin that can make A-synths sound more analog, I would take that instead of Diva or Saurus. According message boards and reviews Diva seems to be prefered choice over Saurus. How ever when I play Saurus it feels like playing real instrument. I don’t get that feeling from other software instruments excluding Pianoteq. Others feel like playing software. I might end up buying Saurus for that reason. Diva sounds better and I don’t seem to have too much problems with CPU usage. If I get Saurus I don’t know if I have that much use for Diva. I also tried TAL U-NO-LX. It is emulation of Roland Juno 60. As far as I know it does that well. Diva sounds better to my ear but Diva also costs many times more and doesn’t try to be exact emulation of any real hardware.

Hard to decide what to do. Effect plugin giving enough analog flavor would save me from lot of testing.


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