First impressions of Redline Reverb

Posted: December 2, 2012 in Confessions of gear slut, Software
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In my last post I mentioned I have use for good delay/reverb. After that I had to check what there is available. I saw this video It sounded great and with 60 days of demo time I saw no reason not to try it. I have played with it few hours and it feels like it was the thing that was missing from my music.

I played with FM8 too and realised that I should have bought that earlier. Now some of my other plugins have become obsolite because I get what I wanted from them from FM8. It could also be reverb which makes FM8 sound better. I have to try those other plugins with reverb too.

If price doesn’t go up too much and nobody tells me there is better reverb in that price range or cheaper, I will buy that.


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