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As you have probably seen, I haven’t updated this blog for a while. After this post updates might become more rare. I haven’t had anything to write here because I haven’t done anything music related. That is main reason for no updates. The reason will change from now on.

I have been updating my online presence for over a month now.  I have put more effort on my movie review blog Kvesti on Movies and Stuff. I also have YouTube channel with same name. Along totally changing my Kvesti on Movies and Stuff I have made new web site www.kvesti.com.  I try to concentrate my online activity there. Kvesti on Movies and Stuff will remain separate, but everything else will be on kvesti.com. Which means that posts I would have posted here will go there from now on.

And there is a catch. Because it is on web site platform rather than blogging platform, I don’t know how you can follow me. I don’t know if there is rss feed or something similar. I haven’t found one yet. I will share every post there on twitter. There is no plan to suddenly become much more active. Probably couple posts and then continue with same pace I had here.

I will leave this site as it is. I won’t copy these posts to new site. Everything there will be new.


They released 11 version of their Orchestral Essentials library for existing customers. I tried to download it because I have Orchestral Essentials. I bought it because their Ableton Live library gave me discount. When I tried to download update, I remembered why I won’t buy anything from them and don’t even check their new products. I have no problems with their products. I have problem, because their bandwidth is so precious to them, that you can’t download their software without asking them permission first. And extra downloads cost you extra. It is BS like this, why they I won’t buy their products from their site. Their Ableton Live libraries are different, because you can download them as many times as you want.

I have no problem with copy protection. But this is not it. This is just annoying your paying customers.

I haven’t followed, what new synths are coming or anything else music related I could buy. That is why this blog has been quite silent lately. This synth was so interesting, I had to try demo. I have played with this for few hours. It is quite interesting software synth. It so harder to use than your regular software synths. I haven’t used modular synths, but I think they would feel like this.

You can get simple, but quite interesting sounds out of it. I was missing master volume and a compression, but you can get those from DAW. This is sound source to be used with effects from DAW. Modulation sources are quite limited. As they are in hardware synths. I haven’t got my head around all adjustments yet. I just try different things until I get what I want.

Then to good points. Scalable interface is something I like to see more often. Synth sounds really unique. Physical modeling and 2d lfo makes synth sound like nothing else I have tried. Those give you movement to your sounds. Lack of modulation sources is not such big deal because of that. You can’t build as evolving sounds as some more sophisticated synths, but sounds this creates are interesting in different way. Big plus for using Finnish name. I don’t think this is from Finnish company, but Finnish name make me like this more.

Synth looks simple, but it has huge learning curve. Demo version seemed quite limited out-of-the box. You don’t get huge amount of patches. You need to build your own sounds. It is not simple at first. I think, once you learn to use it, it gives you amazing sounds. I could get quite interesting sounds during few hours I have played with it. This is nerdy synth. It is not fancy, but gives you something other synths don’t give.

I am not sure will I buy this. It gives interesting sounds, but those sounds don’t have much use for me. If physical modelling parts were in separate effect plugin, I would be really interested. Same, if this could take sound from other source and work as physical modelling effect plugin. I will keep demo on my computer and give it another try in future.

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I didn’t make any new year resolutions, but I think I have bought enough guitars and software synths. Only reason I will buy new guitar this year is Gibson’s 120 anniversary, which brings new special anniversary edition guitars. I have to have one with that anniversary logo on fretboard. Another reason why I want one of those guitars is maple necks. Some of those guitars have maple necks. That is not well advertised on Gibson site, but when you check specs from online stores, you find that information. Currently I am planning to buy Les Paul Studio or SG Special. Probably SG Special because I like SGs more than Les Pauls. All depends what they sound and feel like.

After buying Tone2 Nemesis, I started to think, if I need anymore software synths. I already have more than enough of those. That hasn’t stopped me trying couple new ones. Those have been interesting, but mostly they felt like I could do that same thing with synth I already own. I might try AIR Loom if there was demo, but without demo, AIR won’t get my money. I think I will not buy new software synths, if there won’t be anything that hasn’t been done before. Upgrades are different things. There are few synths I will upgrade when new version is released. Currently there are none of those announced, but year is long time and some of my favourite synths are so old, new versions are almost due.

Hardware synths are totally different thing. I might get one this year…

So I bought Tone2’s Nemesis. Like Saurus and RayBlaster, it has feeling of real instrument. It is hard to explain. All of those synths feel like real instruments. I am not sure, if it is latency or something else. It could be that, because Tone2 has kept their synths quite simple. These three at least. When I installed purchased version I realized, why no-one has made any tutorials. Purchased version got so much information in “watermark”, that no-one want to share it to internet.

I know it is for preventing piracy. I am ok, if they put your name to show, that they can track who has cracked and shared the software. That doesn’t prevent people from making reviews and tutorials to Youtube. But when you put email address, home street, postal code and things like that, you won’t get many people wanting to make tutorials. After this I will reconsider more buying anything from Tone2. It doesn’t matter, that I myself see that information, but that means no tutorials for synths. To be honest, Tone2’s other synths doesn’t have too much tutorials either. This makes sure, there won’t be any more in future.

After testing Nemesis couple times, I get frustrated with same problems I have with RayBlaster. I don’t know how to change sounds the way I want. Both synths sound good, but it is hard to modify sounds, because you don’t know, how to get what you want. It doesn’t make it any easier, that there are not any tutorials available on Youtube. For RayBlaster Tone2 made feature overview, which explained briefly what everything does. For Nemesis there is nothing like that. Camel Audio has made two hours of tutorials for Alchemy. Watching those will give you good start even if you are not familiar with synths.

Nemesis and RayBlaster try to invent synths again. They don’t work as other synth do. It is good that someone tries to do something new. But you can’t do that without instructing users, how to use new kind of synths. Nemesis has filter knobs that doesn’t work like filters does in other synths. Some knobs doesn’t seem to change sound after certain point and some doesn’t change sound real time, sound changed after you play another note. I don’t know, how much of this is demo limitation and how much of it come from not knowing how to use the synth. I understand time limits and not being able to save sounds on demo mode, but I expect it to work like real one, if I try to figure out should I buy it or not.

There is manual that explains many of thing I have had problems. But even after reading manual, my knowledge is not what it needs to be to really get sounds I want to. This applies to both Nemesis and RayBlaster. I bought RayBlaster, because it sounded amazing. Nemesis doesn’t sound amazing. It sounds good. Comparing it to Native Instrument’s FM8, it doesn’t sound that much better and I think I like sound of FM8 more. I might like Nemesis more, if I knew how it worked. Now it doesn’t always do what I expect it to do. I haven’t given up on Nemesis yet. I just need to see some tutorials, before I can make up my mind. That will probably mean that I miss Tone2’s offer for their older customers, which lasts till end of this year.

This blog is more into instruments and music making software. I think I can hype some of my favourite albums of this year in one post. These are not in any order.

Ghost: Infestissumam

Band is sometimes known as Ghost B.C. This is their highly anticipated second album. To be honest I was little disappointed when I heard it first time. But I have learned to like it more since. I might have expected more than is possible to deliver and different kind of album. Ghost is interesting mix of 60’s and 70’s music with occult lyrics and evil cult appearance. concept works on stage too.

Jex Thoth: Blood Moon Rise

Blood Moon Rise is second full length album of Jex Thoth. Some call her Queen of doom metal. After seeing her few times live, they are not that of the mark. This song is one of the easy ones on album. Album has much heavier stuff too and these easier moments balance album and give time to breath.

Blood Ceremony: The Eldritch Dark

Blood Ceremony’s first album was heavily influenced by Black Sabbath. Second one tried something different. The Eldritch Dark is their third album where they found their own sound. At least until they release their next album which may be something different.

Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats: Mind Control

Fourth album heavily influenced by 70’s music. I don’t know much about this band. Danko Jones has dropped band’s name couple times in his podcast and Spotify told me I might like this. I liked it and I am going to see them live next year.

CMX: Seitsentahokas

CMX is my all time favourite band. They literally do what ever they want. This year they wanted to do edgier rock album. The official video was made for more radio friendly song. This is their 14th album. There is only one album I don’t like that much. That was when they wanted to do double album of progressive rock. This is not band, whose first albums are best ones. Their 12th is my favourite album. This one is also among their best albums.

The Ocean: Pelagial

Before this album The Ocean felt like good band that could make great album. This is that great album. I have version which have instrumental versions of all the songs as bonus tracks. Song work as instrumentals too. It is sad that their guitarists are leaving after they made this masterpiece.

Altar of Plagues: Teethed Glory and Injury

Before this album Altar of Plagues played black metal with post metal influences. On this album they went experimental.

How to Destroy Angels: Welcome Oblivion

If you want to nitpick, that song and video were released last year but song was on the album. Welcome Oblivion is best album Trent Reznor released this year. Nine Inch Nails album Hesitation Marks was bit disappointing. It is not bad, but I expected more.

Daft Punk: Random Access Memories

There is a thing called loudness war. Daft Punk showed with their Random Access Memories, that you don’t have to kill dynamic range to make great record. That is not reason why this is on my list. It is on the list because it is great record.